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www.stilltasty.com is an awesome storage search engine that tells you how long foods last! This will optimize your meal prepping! NO EXCUSES!

I created a basic list that will start you all off! (these all apply to storing in the fridge)

Cooked carbs: (seal tight)

- Cooked brown rice 4-6…



Joan Jett’s jacket. Notice the pins.

"keep abortion legal"

"If she says no, it’s rape"

"Pro fucking choice"

This jacket is from about thirty years ago. These issues were big then. Thirty years later, these issues are still present. I was amazed to find these pins on the jacket, and realize this, because I would have thought, back then, if I was alive, that those issues would be solved by NOW.

But they aren’t. Joan Jett knew what was up.

Why can’t we take a minute and soak in her “bad reputation” and think about how in thirty years, abortion and rape culture STILL are huge issues.

Photos courtesy of EMP museum in Seattle, Washington.

It really makes you think, what if in thirty years one of our jackets is in a museum? 


last nights true blood was probably my favourite ever episode, pam and eric were a huge part of that.  also, 90’s luke perry/zack morris flashback eric is my new favourite thing ever.


Damn that ain’t cute


Damn that ain’t cute


Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro all grown up


Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro all grown up



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*credit where its due for pics ;)*

I took the 5th pic. God that man is photogenic.